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Plumas County Lodging

Rustic cabins and vintage cottages clustered along the scenic Feather River for roughing it. Hotels, condo’s or resorts for those who want a bit more. Plumas County has plenty of places to stay depending upon your preferences of destination, budget, amenities and attitude.

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Dining in Plumas County just might surprise you. With so many options, this complete list of restaurants will help you find dining anywhere. From one region of the county to the next, this dining guide is designed to help you break into the culinary scene of Plumas County.

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Plumas National Forest

Plumas County is the place where wilderness is untouched. Natural beauty is etched in the snow-capped peaks and towering pines. It is a four-season travel destination with fresh mountain air to invigorate you, and pristine, blue waters to refresh you.


Museums in Lake Almanor

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Plumas Arts

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Plumas County Museum

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Plumas National Forest

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Western Pacific Railroad Museum

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Chester Lake Almanor

With a resort community built around the iconic Lake Almanor, the Chester Lake Almanor area is the place to go for outstanding recreational opportunities.


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